A demo account is similar to a real account in the sense that it replicates the actual market conditions, but with virtual money. The concept is quite simple, yet powerful.

No amount of theory can match practical experience. At the same time, it would be suicidal to trade in the market with real money, straight-away after going through the lessons related to binary options trading. In this regard, a demo account will be of immense value to a binary options trader.

A demo account allows a wannabe binary trader to validate the skills learnt so far. Fortunately, it does not cost a penny to open a demo account.


Considering the fact that a demo account holder may become a client in the future, brokers offer it for free. However, there are certain brokers who impose time or volume limitations on a binary account. It is always better to use a demo account which comes without any strings attached to it. In this regard, beginners can refer to the list of binary brokers offering demo account.

With a demo account in place, a beginner can try out multiple strategies and choose the one which will yield higher success percentage. A demo account will also enable a trader to understand the strengths and weaknesses in the strategy. Furthermore, loopholes in a strategy can be identified and plugged.

A demo account also allows a beginner trader to have a feel of the actual trading platform. It is quite hard to remember the features offered by a binary trading platform, unless and otherwise a trader gets hands on experience. Even the elementary process of selecting an asset, picking up a contract of choice, viewing the different expiry periods, and finally placing the order can be really difficult to a new user. With a demo account, a trader will be able to explore the facilities offered by a trading platform and learn to use it without any doubt or difficulty.

Finally, it is quite normal to see even professionally successful binary traders using a demo account regularly. As a trader gains experience, new and advanced trading strategies will come up in his mind. Experienced traders would have the maturity to avoid implementing the new ideas in a real account and will try to validate it using a demo account. Thus, considering the advantages, it is a must for every binary trader to have a demo account in place, before trading on a real account. As suggested earlier, by providing the list of binary brokers offering demo account, this website avoids the difficulty of running from pillar to post in search of a demo account.